Friday, May 9, 2014

Tis a lovely day for ducks....

Tis a lovely day for ducks.... its raining cats and dogs!
But the doors are open and the Chai and Tibetan fruit tea are hot  for our Mother's Day Nepali Bazaar!
You didn't forget did you?
And I have a stack of animal tapestries ( rhino, lion and elephants) and over 20 new monkey hats and even a sheep and owl one too!
So although it sounds like a menagerie.... they are all benign except Achilles, my own cat... and he'll love on every one of you!
Come pick out something unique for Mom for Mother's day! Bring the kids and let them pick out something great for her and Grandma!
LOTS of new items!
One free raffle ticket for coming.
Each extra raffle ticket $2.00
Raffle prize  is a gorgeous tapestry valued at $65 or 3 pillow covers.
Bring a friend and get a free gift.
Bring your mom or daughter and getanother free gift!
So now is the time... dodge those raindrops( and cats and dogs)  and get on over here for best selection! Please avoid stepping on the ducks getting here too!
Dawn Didi
Call 630 272 0512 for directions if you need to.

Benefits for the new training center for impoverished widows and single moms in far west Nepal.
Get the latest updates on the 2 paraplegic girls now happily moved into their new abode!
Thanks for changing lives with me... for His glory and kingdom!

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