Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Good news!!

GOOD NEWS! I am returning to Nepal on November 5th and returning to the USA Dec 20thLORD willing!
I am soooooo excited and so am having a HOLIDAY NEPALI BAZAAR to raise the needed funds to make this trip effective. Please open the attachment for the flyer and print off several copies. Keep one on your own fridge and give the others to friends or better yet post them in your workplace, church, library, grocery store, gas station or where ever they will allow you to put one up to promote this great cause!

Update: Last spring when I was in Nepal for 10+ weeks we ensured the paraplegic girls were in their new space. They moved in in November and were loving it, although some condensation problems with the wet cement caused dripping on the girls and it was very cold last year. A few electric heaters and a squeegee and teaching them to open their windows just a few inches during the day solved those problems and now that the cement has cured it should no longer be an issue this year.

 We began the second level which will be an educational center where we offer literacy, skill and financial training to widows, single moms and the handicapped and offer them micro loans to start their own business. The pillars and new roof were up when I left. The funds from a successful vendor booth at the Lavender Festival in Sequim, WA went out in August to complete the bricking in of the walls, so that should be done now. I am going to pick out windows and doors this trip and try to finish this second level. We need $5000 to do this including interior electrical and plumbing and furnishings so we can open the training center.
If we could raise an additional $15,000 I could go ahead and finish level #3 of this building which would become our guest house so I can start bringing teams of people from the States to network with this community and become involved in these peoples lives in tangible ways. Pray with me for minimum completion of level 2 and ideally completion of level 3!!! I firmly believe God has huge ways He wants to impact the lives of the impoverished in far western Nepal through these units of this facility HE has started and will work a kingdom difference through!

SOOOO to that end I am doing my part. I just finished assisting a couple on Whidbey Island have a huge Estate Sale this last 5 day weekend. We put out our Dare to Care products out and raised just over $1100 with that. So between  this coming Bazaar and personal donations we are steering towards a goal of $4000 . My airline ticket was $1880 for those of you who have asked. This time of year flights are most expensive due to several big holidays going on in Nepal.  I have not had an official job since last January so am also concerned about how to pay my mortgage for the 6 weeks I'm gone. I am trusting the LORD  for that as well. He has always come through for me! So now you know the needs.

Please pray about what your part might be. If you live in the Seattle area please come to the bazaar with your Christmas list as these are the most unique gifts each with their own story. Your gift dollars have double value here! Bring a friend and get a free handmade gift! Gift wrap also available on request. Could it get any easier???

If you are outside the Seattle area please consider a gift of any size designated to the ministry ( we have 9) of your choice. For sure we need all of you to lift us and the people we serve, up in prayer. Many hearts are ripe and I believe the Lord will use me and my Nepali teams as we love on these, His precious children. Especially pray for those in prison ... we will be trying to visit them in love again and are collecting stretchy warm knit gloves ( dollar store!) for them. I have a needs list, if any of you care to call me to help out with a few needed items I want to get out to them. 

I just want to thank each and every one of you for your faithful prayers for me and the many God is bringing to Himself in rural Nepal.

 Pray for the continuation of the radio ministry... 3x a week we have 15 min to share God's love over the airwaves. I'd like to take the back fees we owe for that as well, should any of you care to specify donations for that!

And for those of you that have financially invested your resources to make a kingdom difference there, I want you to know how blessed I am that you would care to sacrifice and serve with me to bring God Glory!

Till all have heard!
Dawn Didi
WWW.DARETOCAREINC.COM    ( check out our new updates and follow on our blog the next few months!)
 Paypal donations can be made through this site!!!
Send donations to "Dare to Care" at one of 2 addresses: PO box 4646. So, Colby, WA 98384 or 
Phone  630 272 0512

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