Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Homeward bound once again..

Hi my friends,
I am in Korea now gearing up for the last leg of my journey home. My flight to Sea Tac  boards in about a half hour and I'll have 13 plus hours in the air. Pray for safety ... for Angels to keep me air born and for all birds to stay far  away for the runways and therefore our engines! ( It was disturbing to read the paper on the flight from Dhangadi to Kathmandu to learn this is a frequent calamity at the Kathmandu airport! My flights in and out of there were uneventful and free of all flying objects... by the grace of God!
It had never occurred to me to pray for that!)
God has answered my prayer before it was uttered... for a dear friend to scoop me up from the airport tomorrow so I am praising Him for that! Of course I put out an emergency plea for that before I read all my emails to discover God had already prearranged it! So thanks to those of you who put up with me begging then 10 minutes later retracting my urgent request!
The last 3 days in Kathmandu were a whirlwind connecting with college kids, friends and business contacts. My connection with Lokta Paper Crafts was really beneficial netting a large future order as well as them consigning a large bag of our newer products. They loved our new merchandise which motivated me to try a new company called Dhukuti in Kupandole, K-du. Thanks to Debbie Martin's referral and her handy habit of putting every body's phone # in her trusty I- phone,  I was able to get an immediate audience with the manager there and show him our product line and discuss our philosophy and motives. He said he was very impressed and wanted me to meet his production boss on Sunday but unfortunately he was too busy. They really want me to email them and send photos so they can consider contracting with us as wholesalers for their huge store. Pray for good results to come of this contact and connection. This would be ideal for us on many levels!
Instead I spent Sunday buying 30 Kilos of new wool and arranging to get it out to Dadeldhura again, and shlepping and packing 75 kilo's of our products with a new shipper who promises to have it to my door in Seattle within a week!
I also picked up Yam's jewelry the  Brick makin' widows in Godavari have made, and managed to work in visits to several old friends and have dinner with a bunch of college students!
The day before I had the joy of meeting with Meike from YWAM who will be a new bride on April 14th... she is marrying Doyl from OM. Both have been serving in Dadeldhura much of the last 4-6 years. She allowed me to take her to a local florist and help her choose her wedding bouquets and florals! I wish I could be there for the wedding but will suffice to enjoy whatever pictures they send.
Please continue to pray for the people of Nepal and for all the seeds that have been planted both spiritual and physical. Pray for a taxi driver I had a chance to share Jesus with... he says" he want's to follow Jesus someday soon". I asked him why not today and he says he is worried that his wife will not approve and follow too. Pray for breakthroughs in the spiritual darkness and growth in those saplings struggling to grow up into the light.
Pray for a readjustment for me to our Seattle lifestyle again.
I need a job again. Hum... Mortgage is due!
I am considering opening my own design business and hope to meet this week with a friend designing my business cards and a web site for this. I need clear direction from the Lord if this is the way I should go.
Pray for a successful Nepali Bazaar soon. Keep the weekend before Mother's day open for another huge Nepali Bazaar at my house... Huge new shipments of new merchandise! Funds will go to the completion of the 2nd level of our building... the Educational center.
Pray for an open door for Namrita ( Tara Datt and Sundari from the Bakery's, daughter) to get accepted into Chiropractic School  here in the US and get grants to get her in. She is brilliant. If she cannot get in, she is considering going to Velore, India for Occupational Therapist school while her 2 friends ( Maya and Ceju) will go to the same school for med school. Entrance exams for Velore are in May and classes would start in July.
Pray for what God would have me do next... I just want to be obedient.
Home tomorrow! Call me soon or drop by for chai!
Thanks to all of you who have had my back on this last adventure!
Dawn Didi

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