Saturday, February 22, 2014

We are building yet again:)

Hi Everyone,
Just want to thank you for your prayers! Some of them are already being answered so keep praying please!
Our Radio programmer is out in India studying to become an ophthalmologist. He wrote me that his wife and 2 small kids ( 5 and 1yr) are lonely and want to join him in Chandighar. He has 2 full years left in his courses. He attends a Nepali chu-rch there and if they are together as a family he and she can both work together on the programming. I think it is a good idea for their family to be together.
I want you, our prayer supporters to know about this so you can begin to pray for this. We will pray more funds will come in for programming so I can give them a blessing more before their planned transfer just a month from now in March. We have paid up their salary through January 2014. It would be so great If I could give them their salary for the next 11 months. It is only $100/ month.  Praise God for their faithful service of producing quality messages and programs in the local Dotiyali dialect that reach 140,000 or more 3 x per week in their own tongue!
The building is progressing. The pillars are finished for this next level today so they are collecting "Kaat" ( wooden supports) to build the structure to support the "lantern" (cement slab roof of level 2 and floor of level 3).
 Pray for Sundari.  Her husband is my general contractor on all the building we are doing here. She is very sick these last few days and He is somewhere in the terrai. She is wondering if she should go to a hospital in Dhangadi, Nepal Gang or Kathmandu??? is it just a virus or more serious?  She has been to this local Gov Regional hospital 2 x in 24 hours and still the Dr. did not examine her! She has a history of Lupus and a fragile immune system so it is hard to know what is really going on in her body. But the LORD knows!
SO sad there is no adequate medical care here now!.
Digri is slowly getting better and was able to find strength to knit me 5 hats in 2 days. I send her a piece of fruit everyday and occasionally a piece of cake to encourage her. It seems to be helping along with your prayers and encouragement! Some of you have sent specific words for her and she has taken them to heart! Pray for her full recovery from this UTI
Little Laxmi ( Rama's niece and caregiver - only 10 years old) also has some serious health concerns but there is no Dr. to diagnose her condition. I took some video we hope to send to Dr. Caleb, a pediatrician in Kathmandu, to see if he can help with his opinion.
Sundari's father occupied the bench in the bakery and took pills to try to lower his BP for about 10 days. Both Tara Datt and I tried to teach him how important it was for him to drink water, that his blood is like dhahi ( yougurt) and one glass of water  per day is not enough to keep his BP down and flush out his kidney and bladder stones. He would not listen and simply would not drink water. But he would get up most bitter cold mornings and go up to the old outdoor kitchen, change into a thin dhoti ( sheer gauze like fabric) and sit in the cold and make his own fire and his own rice and eat it before changing back into his Nepali suit.  He is HIndu: Bhramin and cannot eat rice from anyone else's hand.Then he would return to the Bakery CafĂ© bench and demand blankets and hot water ( but to wash not to drink!) He ended up with 3 thick Korean plush queen size blankets and a heavy sidik ( comforter) and my extra heater I had lent the family.. all for his personal use in the bakery so he could be near a toilet. So 5 other members suffered with cold for the 10 nights he was here hogging all the blankets! But he is the grandfather after all. 3 days ago he suddenly decided the BP medicine was not bringing his BP down fast enough - he was going to Kathmandu. An hour later he was on a local vehicle down the hill to Dhangadi. He vomited the whole way down the hill and went straight to the hospital in Dhangadi as by the end he was vomiting blood. He spent 2 nights there and yesterday got a flight to Kathmandu. He needs your prayers on many levels.
I must admit I was amused... the one night I made spaghetti for the family, he decided to abandon his Hindu restrictions and ate 2 bowls of my salad and 2 big slices of garlic bread! I'm pretty sure he wasn't supposed to eat from my caste less hand! 
Still no word on the repair for the FM transmitter. Raj is due back tomorrow so hopefully he will have some answers. 
I took a walk for 4 KM's today to view a new house some of our community neighbors have just built. I sunburnt my nose! I'm sure you wanted to know this valuable tidbit of info. It does verify the sun does shine here and yes it is starting to warm up! PTL
Well it is late so I will close this for now.
Keep those prayers coming please!
Dawn Didi

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